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UGG ブーツ 正規品 对国内的媒体和受众而言

. Newspapers in professional sports newspaper, because it has different from the professionalism of the public newspaper in 2008 can get short of glory, but it must be clear that this is a kind of supernatural power. Chinese sports newspaper is also completely integrated watershed to decline - although, after 2008, the market will still be sports newspapers, and leaders still will have some surplus, but the decline has become an irreversible trend, even if such a future encounter event. Although some sports magazines abroad wanted to landing in China,UGG ブーツ 正規品, such as race Illustrated, ESPN and the like. But no doubt, but only some of the sports industry rely on advertising for specific groups of Focus magazine trend may start to rise by the Olympic Games. Comprehensive sports magazine will also be the fate of comprehensive sports newspaper as irreversible. Surge in aid of car users, the broadcast media in 2008 will be a slice of the media feast, Beijing Traffic Radio is the biggest beneficiary. The small number of book publishers have an opportunity. For China's news agency, in the mode of operation under rigid, though still able to share a piece of, but because of this event was held in the country, the domestic media and audience, the more likely to get first-hand news agency professionals had to rely on past quantity or amount of media artwork by artwork feature articles may be reduced a lot. Thus, the news may be affected by mining news and messages from a larger media impact, but fortunately it was only two Chinese news agency. Austrian media television media will be shipped biggest winner feast of traditional media. Because of the advantages of visual image transmission,アグ モカシン, television has been the main carrier Olympic broadcast, according to statistics, in 2004 there were 39 million viewers worldwide watched the Athens Olympics on television. It is predicted that during the Beijing Olympic Games, there will be more than four billion television viewers via television direct involvement and experience Beijing Olympics. CCTV will undoubtedly occupy the upper hand of the profits. Event Marketing sports marketing as a new means of communication, in the next few years there may be gains. Compared to traditional media, the Chinese started to rely on the venture capital business network media more sensitive sense of smell: Sohu sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games,UGG ブーツ 人気, Sina plot of the first Winter Olympics in Turin Internet accreditation, TOM sports content efforts to build on, and so on. With the popularity of broadband and computers, coupled with China's national conditions,UGG ブーツ アウトレット, many people have become accustomed to spend time in the office Internet, more and more young consumers abandoned the traditional media,UGG ブーツ 店舗, online media become loyal consumers. Currently sports channel portal for comprehensive sports magazines and newspapers has become a huge mass destruction, the letter has become a new form of sports media. Undoubtedly, commercial portal will be a new winner in the Beijing Olympics. Of course, there is the struggle between the sites to see who is more powerful. SMS operators will earn pours
。报纸中的体育类专业报纸,由于其拥有不同于一般大众报纸的专业性,在2008年也能获得短暂的辉煌,但必须清楚地是,这是一种回光返照。也是中国综合体育报纸彻底走向衰败的分水岭——虽然,2008以后,市场上依然会有体育报纸,UGG ブーツ 正規品,而且领先者依然还会有一定盈余,但衰败已经成为不可逆转的趋势,即使今后再遇上这样的盛会。虽然现在国外的一些体育杂志很想在中国落地,比如竞赛画报、ESPN等。但毫无疑问,只有一些针对特定分众群体而且是依靠体育产业广告的杂志可能会借奥运之势起步上扬。综合性体育杂志也将与综合性体育报纸的命运一样无可挽回。借助于汽车用户的激增,广播媒体会在2008年的传媒盛宴中分得一杯羹,北京交通台更是最大的受益者。而少量的图书出版商也有机会。对于中国的通讯社而言,在刻板的运作模式下虽然还是能分得一块,但由于这次盛会在国内举行,对国内的媒体和受众而言,更容易得到一手新闻,过去不得不依靠通讯社专稿特稿的媒体数量或用稿量可能会减少不少。因此,通讯社可能是受自采新闻和短信冲击较大的一种媒体,UGG ブーツ 人気,好在中国的通讯社也就只有两家。电视媒体将是奥传媒运盛宴中传统媒体最大的赢家。由于视觉形象传播的优势,アグ モカシン,电视一直是奥运转播的主要载体,据统计,2004全球有39亿观众通过电视收看了雅典奥运会,UGG ブーツ アウトレット。据预测,北京奥运会期间,将有超过40亿电视观众通过电视直接参与、体验北京奥运会。中央电视台无疑占有先手之利。活动营销中体育营销作为一种新的传播手段,在未来的几年中也可能会有斩获。相对于传统媒体而言,依靠风险投资起家的中国的商业网络媒体的嗅觉更为灵敏:搜狐成为北京奥运会的赞助商、新浪图谋的都灵冬奥会第一张互联网采访证,TOM在体育内容建设上的努力,等等。随着宽带和电脑的普及,加上中国国情,很多人已经习惯于在办公室上网消磨时间,越来越多的年轻消费者离弃了传统媒体,成为网络媒体的忠实消费者,UGG ブーツ 店舗。目前门户网站的体育频道对综合性体育报纸杂志已经形成了巨大的杀伤力,已经不折不扣地成为一种全新的体育媒体形式了。毫无疑问,商业性门户网站会成为北京奥运的一个新赢家。当然,网站之间会有斗争,看谁更有实力。短信运营商也将赚得盆满钵满

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